Aperçu sur le cabinet

Millennium Leadership Consulting/Atlas  Haskey est un Cabinet Expert leader du développement des compétences managériales et leadership du millénaire. Notre vision est traduite par une Alchimie du Plein Potentiel afin d’accompagner  chacun et de tous à sortir de sa zone de confort et repousser ses limites car il n’y a des limites que celles que l’on s’impose. Cette démarche consiste à accompagner les personnes & les organisations à identifier leurs angles et à ériger leur plein potentiel afin de mieux conquérir et maintenir le lead du marché ; ainsi, du plein potentiel des hommes & des organisations à la performance des organisations.

Notre domaine d’expertise englobe le management des Ressources Humaines, l’Excellence Opérationnelle (EO), HSE, le Développement des municipalités et le développement personnel et professionnel à travers un coaching individuel & collectif ainsi que la psychologie des organisations.

Nous sommes organisés en quatre (4) pôles : Pôle RH & EO, HSE, Pôle Coaching Individuel & Collectif (CIC) & Psychologie des organisations et Pôle Développement des municipalités.

Nous travaillons en partenariat avec d’autres Cabinets leaders tant en Afrique qu’en Europe.

MLC/Atlas Haskey est une somme  des expériences et savoirs au service de la performance durable.

Why Cosine?

We help the world’s leading companies drive predictable revenue and profitability growth by optimizing sales organization performance.

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Cosine has worked with 65% of the Fortune 500
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Trained over 1,000 sales professionals worldwide
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Delivered programs in over 50 countries
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8 straight years as a top sales training company

Why Are We Different?

Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • Deep customization
  • Industry specialization
  • Interactive learning
  • Extensive curriculum
  • Traditional and digital delivery modalities
  • Experienced and expert facilitators
  • Results in initiating and sustaining change through the organization

Cosine is all about the client and our mission is to make you successful. We work with business and sales leaders to improve performance and deliver tangible results. Our belief is that we must do more than just deliver our capabilities and services – we must own results with our clients.

Our vision is to help clients achieve their highest levels of sales and customer success by generating demand, winning opportunities, growing accounts, and managing sales performance. We seek to accomplish this through a single platform of assessments and analytics, learning, and sales process playbooks. The Cosine approach enables a faster and more successful execution of sales improvement initiatives.

At Cosine, we value honesty and integrity above all else, and highly value customer and employee loyalty. We also believe in giving back to our communities, making them better places to live.